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    New video Ben Kelsey Lifting 300KG

    New video Ben Kelsey Lifting 300KG

    Our resident Strongman Ben squatting recently, I have all sorts of sportspeople at the OXP facility. Ben has won everything in 2012 looking forward to supporting him in 2013!!

    First Blog.


    So welcome to my personal coaching web site, from here you can catch dates for seminars, post seminars, and updates on Olympic lifting offers at Oxford Powersports and from myself. I will from time to time blog and place some … Continue reading



    An article I recently written for Oxford Powersports web page. As this new site settles into some rhythm I will endeavour to place some video up, for now I need to get it launched so their will be some … Continue reading

Training Tips

    In the front not the rear!!

    At the beginning of the year I looked at the competitive calendar for my lifters, we had a 19 weeks to our first bit of activity. Having so much time and a lot of people in the facility, I decided … Continue reading

    Three attempt ruling and consistency

    Are you getting the big ones? Or like a lot of lifters that surround us are you in the habit of missing….. As OXP gets busier and busier I have less and less time to spend with people individually. This … Continue reading

    One to One Saturdays

    Subject to availability, we are now offering one to one tuition with Marius Hardiman on the third Saturday of every month. I have found that a group seminar situation doesn’t necessarily suit everyone, things like the time it is held … Continue reading

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